4 SEO Tools Analyzer That Can Help Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Search Engines

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SEO Tools LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a popular backlink analysis tool. This tool helps you determine which websites link to yours, as well as their overall strength. It also allows you to filter your backlink data table according to different metrics, like quality and link popularity. It also lets you know which websites link to which articles, which is very beneficial when deciding which content to write.

The LinkMiner extension is an excellent way to analyze your website’s links and see how many of them are broken. The extension also allows you to download the results in CSV format and customize analysis options. With the extension, you can see which websites have broken links and which ones do not. Using LinkMiner can help you make better decisions and increase your website’s performance on the search engines.

Although LinkMiner is relatively new and comes with a price tag of $49/month, you will also get access to three other SEO tools under the Mangools brand. Despite the high price tag, the LinkMiner tool is a competent backlink checker tool. However, it is important to remember that LinkMiner does not have a page authority or Domain authority score. Majestic’s SEO score also includes Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics.

LinkMiner is a useful tool for optimizing any website. It can analyze all types of backlinks and offers a preview of the backlinks on any website. The backlinks are organized according to categories, and you can also save them for later use. Using the LinkMiner tool is a breeze!

The tool also allows you to view the number of Facebook shares a page has. This data is available through the Facebook API. You can also check the HREF path of a backlink to make sure it matches the URL or subdomain. It also provides you with other information, such as the anchor text. Another useful feature of LinkMiner is its Link Strength metric, which estimates the value of a backlink.

Another benefit of LinkMiner is its low monthly cost. Its price is lower than that of competitors such as Ahrefs. Its free trial is limited to 14 days, and the enterprise version starts at $189/month.

Moz Pro

The Moz Pro SEO analyzer is a powerful all-in-one SEO software suite that offers an array of tools for improving your website’s ranking on search engines. Its key features include the Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer, and Rank Tracker. The Link Explorer replaces the old Moz Open Site Explorer, and has a much larger index than the old one. It measures the overall link authority of a site, as well as the authority of individual domains. This can help you determine your site’s Domain Authority (DA), which is a measure of the quality of links pointing to it.

The Moz Pro SEO analyzer also offers the Fresh Web Explorer tool, which can be helpful for content promotion and link building. However, the Keyword Explorer is the best overall feature of the tool. It works similarly to Google Keyword Planner, but it uses actual user data to determine how much search volume a particular term has. As a result, Moz’s keyword search metrics are extremely useful.

The Moz Pro SEO analyzer features a number of standout features, but it falls short in other areas. For example, while it covers core aspects of SEO, it does not go into as much detail as competing tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. However, it’s worth mentioning that it excels at simplifying a complicated SEO landscape.

In addition to basic metrics, Moz Pro also provides data from Google Analytics, which is helpful for SEO agencies. Clients should receive regular updates on the progress of their campaign. Moz Pro’s report generator also allows SEO agencies to automatically create and send clients reports. In addition, you can customize your reports and add more metrics if you wish.

Another popular SEO analyzer is WebCEO, which includes 90+ in-depth reports. With its free trial, you can see if the tool is right for you and your business. It also offers a money-back guarantee. The free version allows you to conduct unlimited searches and is also available as a desktop application.

Moz Pro offers four core pricing plans, with the option to negotiate a discounted Enterprise subscription. The Standard plan costs $99/month for a single user. However, there are some limitations. You can only crawl up to 100,000 pages per week with the Standard plan and have a maximum of 150 keyword queries per month. The Medium plan costs $149/month and allows you to use more features. You can also add multiple users, which costs $249/month.


The Diib SEO Analyzer is a tool for websites that monitors the website’s performance, offering actionable suggestions based on various metrics. It is able to detect any changes in traffic, Google algorithm updates, and broken or spammy backlinks. It also gives an overall health score for your website and compares it to similar sites. Users can monitor as many as 30 sites, letting them spot the areas that need improvement.

Diib is a free SEO tool that can help you improve your website’s ranking. It automatically analyzes your website’s metrics and provides you with a plan to improve it. The tool also provides a dashboard with data about your website’s rank, health score, and growth opportunities. It also has a number of analytics reports that are easy to read.

Diib also measures the speed of your site. A majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices, so if your website is slow on mobile devices, it could be affecting your rankings. If your site is slow on mobile devices, Diib provides you with an alert so you can take action.

Aside from the metrics that your website ranks for, Diib also shows you how many backlinks your website has. It also provides an estimate of how many of these backlinks are pointing to your website. Diib’s Answer Engine also scans your website and tells you where your traffic comes from, how many visitors come back to your site and how much bounce rate you’re getting from each visitor.

Google’s algorithm measures a website’s core vitals when determining its ranking for keywords. These vitals include website speed and the amount of backlinks on the site. It also measures the quality of your website’s content and authority. It checks for these key factors to determine how to improve your SEO.


RankWatch with SEO Analyzer is a free tool that offers a comprehensive look at your site’s rankings and search volume. It also provides valuable information on how your competitors compare to your site, allowing you to formulate a strategy to beat them. It also offers backlink analysis, a site audit, and Google Analytics integration. In addition, RankWatch allows you to customize reports for your clients, giving them a better understanding of your website’s performance.

The Rankwatch feature analyzes the structure of a website and identifies any hidden keywords that are driving traffic to your site. It also shows you your organic and paid competitors, as well as any backlinks pointing to your site. This data is essential for improving your SEO strategy and boosting your rankings.

RankWatch’s link analysis tools are particularly useful for identifying how your competitors rank. The Link Center feature allows you to analyze competitor backlinks and gain insights on how you can improve your own link profile. In addition, RankWatch’s Competitor Analysis feature tracks your competitors’ backlinks and ranks them based on two metrics, including the number of backlinks they receive. The RankWatch Competitor Analysis tool also enables you to see which landing pages are generating the most traffic. It also reveals who is linking to your website, including the anchors they’re using. And finally, RankWatch’s Site Auditor helps you select how your site is configured and how often you want to crawl your site.

As an SEO tool, RankWatch offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to compare its features. During this trial period, you can cancel anytime. This tool is also available as an annual subscription. It offers an excellent keyword ranking platform and other advanced features. You can even check your backlinks, check your website’s performance, and discover new keywords to rank for.

RankWatch is an all-in-one platform for SEO management. It offers a comprehensive look at a website’s ranking, as well as tracking results from over 177 search engines. With the help of this SEO tool, you can adjust your strategies to optimize your website and increase your traffic. Moreover, it offers a mobile-friendly option, allowing you to monitor rankings across multiple platforms.