How to Write an Introduction to an Essay

Introduction paragraphs play an integral part in any essay, offering readers a preview of what’s to come and outlining its main structure.

There are various versions of an introductory paragraph; I will highlight two here to help you better understand its purpose and importance.

What are Nyrerne?

Nyrerne is a mythological spirit of nature, commonly represented as a beautiful maiden that inhabits rivers, woods and other locations. Also referred to as naiads, dryads and hamadryads.

The Sidhe dwell in isolation in dense woodlands and other natural sanctuaries, erecting foreboding keeps of earth and stone or fashioning towers of sidhe glass that reflect light in fantastical displays of beauty. They have also become notorious for kidnapping young children from among mortal races to take to Tir-na-nOg where they develop into magical changelings with magical abilities and extended lifespans.