What Are SEO Tools?

What are SEO tools

There are many different SEO tools available to help you achieve your goals. Some are free and others cost money. You need to know what they do before you use them. Here are some examples of tools you can use. Argor Metadata Length Checker counts characters, spaces, and pixels in your website’s metadata. This is a free, web-based tool that also looks for internal linking recommendations and a preview of the SERP snippet.


SpyFu SEO tools offer a wide range of options for marketers. They are designed to improve backlinks, PPC campaigns, and search engine rankings. Users can also access competitor data to improve their own content and PPC ads. They offer a free trial and three tiers of pricing.

SpyFu allows users to spy on their competition, pinpointing keywords and phrases that bring in the most traffic. This helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors and generate more traffic for their own website. The service offers three plans, with the basic plan costing $39 per month. This plan includes access to 250 sales leads, six months of historical data, and up to 5,000 tracked keyword rankings. This plan is perfect for smaller businesses with a small online footprint.

Keyword research is a vital part of SEO, particularly for eCommerce sites. Strategically using the right keyword can boost both organic traffic and sales. With SpyFu’s keyword research tool, users can obtain ideas for new keywords based on search volume, competition, and SERP metrics. In addition, users can see how many advertisers are bidding on keywords similar to their own. The tool also helps users identify their competitors’ weaknesses and strengths.

SpyFu SEO tools are designed for both personal and professional use. It offers web-based and cloud-based solutions for companies and agencies looking to take advantage of premium advertising opportunities. It provides detailed reports, as well as information on competitors’ paid and organic traffic. It is available for three tiers, enabling different teams to make the best use of its tools.


Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool that helps you analyze your website and identify common SEO mistakes. It crawls your entire website and flags any issues. Once you’ve found any errors, Ahrefs will give you recommendations on how to fix them. This can help you improve your site’s SEO and generate more traffic.

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool can help you identify popular keywords. The tool analyzes over 2 billion articles and helps you find topics related to your website. It can also help you learn how your content ranks for the keywords you’re targeting. Ahrefs also offers a keyword tool that analyzes over 3 billion keywords.

Ahrefs has a large database of backlinks. With over 14 trillion links indexed, the Ahrefs backlink checker can find every URL linking to your website. Using this data, you can determine the quality of your backlinks and create a strategic plan for earning higher authority backlinks.

Ahrefs Content Explorer is another tool you can use to analyze the content of your website. This tool enables you to search for any topic and retrieve relevant websites and pages with their SEO metrics. This data comes from the company’s live database of billions of pages. It also displays a trend graph of pages published since May 2016. This tool also highlights pages that have the best SEO metrics.

Ahrefs has many useful SEO tools for your website. One of them is the Website Authority Checker, which compares your website’s backlink profile to Ahrefs’ database. The tool will display how many sites are linking to your website, and how easy or difficult it is to rank for them.


One of the most important parts of any content marketing strategy is building inbound links. Content marketers must create and distribute links as a way to increase their website’s visibility and traffic. SEMrush can help you develop an effective link building strategy. For example, it can show you what your competitors’ backlink sources are and how many of them they have.

Social media management is another crucial part of SEO. Social media is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website. However, managing multiple accounts can be time-consuming. To make the process easier, try using an app that helps you manage your social media accounts. Social media management tools like Ahrefs and Semrush are a great way to streamline your social media management.

SEMrush has a site audit feature that can identify duplicate content and broken links. Additionally, it can reveal pages that have a low text to HTML ratio and are missing meta descriptions. This tool can reveal errors in your content that negatively impact your site’s SEO performance. It also includes a site audit tool for tracking competitor and brand mentions.

SEMrush also offers a range of SEO tools, including the “Top 10” tool. This tool will allow you to compare the top 10 pages for your targeted keywords. It also lets you access a “real-time content check” tab, which lets you review and assess your own content for SEO friendliness, originality, and tone.


The Cloudflare SEO tools are a powerful way to optimize a website. They include a powerful DNS system that prevents brute-force attacks and block harmful content. Cloudflare also offers a free plan for small hobby websites, and their advanced features include speed optimization features and image optimization. For larger businesses, Cloudflare offers a business and enterprise plan.

Cloudflare has numerous features to improve the speed of your website, which can improve your technical SEO and ranking. One feature is the Cloudflare CDN, which provides faster load times for websites through its network of 275 cities. Another tool is Cloudflare Images, which compresses images to increase loading speeds.

Cloudflare also offers a Radar Domain Rankings tool, which tracks the rankings of websites around the world. It works by evaluating the popularity of websites by collecting traffic data from, a domain that is the most popular on the Internet. The company says it never stores any personal data and uses several algorithms and machine learning to filter traffic.

Cloudflare’s features are diverse, and they include a variety of tools to optimize the speed and performance of a website. While it is not clear whether these tools improve SEO, some people believe that they do, thanks to the fact that they help a website load faster. Slow websites are penalized in search results, so it is important to make sure your site is as fast as possible.

Answer the Public

One of the best free SEO tools is Answer the Public. It allows you to generate keyword suggestions and data for a given topic. It also allows you to analyze the search intent of your audience. Answer the Public can help you select the right topics for your audience and generate content that responds to their queries.

This tool provides a wealth of information for marketers and helps them to identify the questions that their audience is asking. It displays the results visually as well as in numbers. It even allows you to create subheadings with related phrases. You can then use the results to write articles around the topics. By answering questions that your audience is asking, you will be able to generate more traffic.

Answer the Public is an excellent tool for marketers looking to boost their organic traffic. It can help you discover niche subjects, create content based on relevant searches, and stay on top of Google’s updates. This tool is also an excellent way to discover new content ideas. It will help you get more views, clicks, and leads.

Another great SEO tool for finding keywords is Ubersuggest. It offers free searches as well as paid plans. The Individual Plan offers 100 daily searches and is designed specifically for SEO keyword research. To improve the results of your searches, use question-based modifiers on seed keywords to get more relevant results. You can also access detailed information, such as monthly search volume, CPC data, and difficulty.


Moz offers an array of SEO tools that can help your business improve its online visibility. These tools include link building, analytics, and more. They also offer tools to analyze website performance and find content opportunities. The link exploration tool lets you identify potential link opportunities and analyze metrics. The tool also displays keywords and their ranking on various search engines. It also provides data on your website’s local listings. If you are not sure whether a website is listed in a local directory, Moz has an online presence directory that can help you determine how well it is ranked on a local search.

The MozBar SEO tool is a chrome extension that became public in 2014. This tool provides analytics from Moz and acts as an SEO keyword checker. It also has a link analyzer that analyzes followed and no-followed links as well as internal links. Users can analyze these links for free.

The MozBar toolbar is a great SEO tool that allows you to research on-page elements and search engine result pages. It tracks keywords across multiple search engines and provides recommendations for content based on target keywords. You can also use this tool to find and fix site issues. You can even get personalized walkthroughs of key features so you can better understand how to use the tool.

The Moz suite of tools has been trusted by marketers and Fortune 500 companies. This suite of tools helps you optimize your website for search engines and attract valuable traffic. Among its features are Moz Explorer, MozBar, and MozCast. Moz also offers customer support and tutorials to help you get the most out of these tools.